Shani offers variety of classes such as: Salsa, Mambo Shines and Body movement, Ladies Styling, Pachanga, Latin Jazz, Bachata, and Cha-Cha-Cha to men and women of all ages and at all levels of dance experience, in private classes and group classes.

Shani is known worldwide for her unique teaching style. She is able to easily explain and break down the steps to address each student’s needs.  She makes it a priority to give personal attention in class so that each person can concentrate on their own dance goals.  Shani's classes are known to be very technical yet fun and fluid.  Shani's background and extensive knowledge of dance technique is evident in every aspect of her classes and students feed of her great energy and flow

Ladies Styling Class

 "where Styling meets technique"

This class is designed for ladies who wish to enhance their technique with a soft feminine and sexy style and gain confidence out on the dance floor.  The class emphasizes proper movement with the basic steps (i.e., using the "rock step"), correct hand and arm movement,  proper use of the hips and shoulders as well as counter balance and timing.


Class includes isolations and a warm-up targeted to the muscles we use most during dance. fundamentals of body movement and styling. 

Spinning technique - how to execute different turns with some easy but graceful arm styling. Footwork that ladies can use while social dancing or performing using: sexy body movements, head whips, leg extensions, correct posture and timing, fierce attitude and much more!


From beginners to advanced level dancers, this class is designed to address every dancer’s needs to  help students develop their own unique style through technique, control and grace.

Salsa Grooves Class

1 hour and a half of non stop dancing, grooving and working -  full out Shines / Foot work.

Simple to adv. movement, traditional salsa steps and footwork, Full of energy and lots of fun based of the NY Mambo "Eddie Torres" syllabus .

This class is design for Adv - beg / Int level dancers.

The class is divided to 2 Section :

  1. For the first  25-30 min , we will learn 2 Shines / Foot work and body movement combos.

  2. for the next 40 min: Simple to adv. movement, traditional salsa steps and footwork based on the ON2 NY Mambo syllabus. Full of energy and lots of fun and jamming to different music selection.


This class is specifically designed for those who wants to move, combining body movement and basic to adv. classic foot work and expressive arm movements, through salsa, African, Latin music and beats. This class is a workout and super fun.

This class will helps you to later on be able to improvise on the dance floor, without thinking, with tons of flavor.

Mambo Shines & Body Movement

This class is specifically designed for those who want to dance combining body movement and from beginners to Adv. classic ON2 mambo footwork. Expressive arms movements throughout Salsa, African, Latin music and beats while focusing on techniques and fundamentals as always.

 Each class will start with a short warm up working on stamina and increase blood flow.


Than, Shani will teach a shines/footwork combination using elements, techniques and fundamentals focusing on weight transfers while dancing for maximum movement cooperating hips motions, shoulders movements, balance and posture combining body movements, body isolation and fusing with different elements and styles combined with Afro Cuban movement.

Spinning Technique Class

This class is designed to improve your ability to spin while dancing.  The class focuses on balance, muscle strength, body control and correct and accurate spotting.  The class begins with a short foot warm-up and strengthening.   The goal is to develop an understanding and awareness of the center of the body, the core and weight change. Various types of turns and spins will be taught separately or in sequence while using all of the fundamentals practiced in the first part of the class.


Shani  also works on the technique of leading and following spins for men and women, respectively.  She focuses on the correct way to lead a lady, how to use the right level of tension while dancing and for women, the correct way to follow a man while being light and less dependent on leader for momentum and balance.

Partner Work Class

These beginner, intermediate and advanced classes are designed for students of all levels who want to enrich their knowledge and increase their dance vocabulary.  Each class begins with a warm-up focusing on a specific technique, followed but a short footwork combination.  During the second half of class, social dance turn patterns and sequences are taught with emphasis on leading and following without pulling or pushing, proper resistance, the right level of tension, arms styling and the right hand placement as we dance. 

Private Classes

Private classes focus on each student individual needs.  Students who are  interested in learning salsa,  improving their dance abilities in a shorter period of time and concentrating  on specific steps,  techniques and moves should consider the benefits of one-on-one instruction.  Private classes are 1 hour long

Pachanga Class

Pachanga is the dance !

Charanga is the music!!


Come and learn super fun, energetic, authentic style call pachanga and add it to your mambo vocabulary.


In this class we will learn the fundamentals, techniques and essence of Pachanga.

Followed up by a fun combo that will help you develop a better understanding of the style, the feeling and the energy, will help you look smooth, flavor-ish and effortless!