NYC Skyline BW


Mambo Shines & Body Movement 



8.30 - 9.30pm


Classic ON2 mambo footwork class combining body movement.


Each class will start with a short warm up working on stamina and increase blood flow.


We will then work on  a shines / footwork sequinece using elements, techniques and fundamentals that focus on weight transfers while dancing for maximum movement.


  • Hip motions

  • Shoulders movements

  •  Balance and posture  

  • Arm styling

  • Body movements

  • Body isolation  

  • Afro Cuban movement.



  • Beginners  (must have 6 months salsa training)

  • Advanced Beg 

  • Advanced 

K Town Dance Studio

38 West 32nd street

4th Floor

NYC, 10001 

Ladies Styling Class​


Every Monday

8.30 - 9.30pm

Classic On2 Mambo .

This class  focuses on :
  • Total body technique
  • Arms styling 
  • Body movement 
  • Spinning technique
  • Musicality 
  • Body strength & conditioning 
  • Weight transfers
  • Balance & posture
  • Body isolation
Each  class starts with short warm up working on stamina. 
We will then work on a sequence combining feminine body movements with different elements such as Afro Cuban.
  • Beginners   ( must have basic training in salsa )
  • Advanced Beginners

K Town Dance Studio

38 West 32nd street

4th Floor

NYC, 10001



Saturday, October 9th

Sunday, October 10th 


Classic On2 Mambo.


This 4 hours ( 2 days) Mambo intensive is for anyone who has ever wanted to learn mambo (Salsa) from the very beginning. 


If you are a total beginner, or been dancing for months and want to sharpen your skills to get that much-needed boost to your confidence and dancing,  Then this intensive is perfect for you.


In this intensive, you will learn the fundamentals of NYC Mambo On2 .


We will focus on :


  • Basic Steps

  • Open Shines

  • Leader and Follower Drills

  • Turns and spins

  • Simple turn patterns

  • Partnering Techniques

  • Hips Movement

  • Arms Styling

  • Body Movement & Basic Afro Cuban Movement

  • Posture & Presence


The focus will be on learning quickly to master your fundamentals in order to become a more advanced dancer and feel comfortable on the dance floor in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.


* No partner necessary

* Each class is 2 hours

* You must attend both days, no exceptions.