Sunday's 1pm (NY Time)

Classic On2 Mambo.


90 minutes of non stop dancing, grooving and working full out.

Full of energy and lots of fun.

This class will help you  improvise and freestyle on the dance floor  with tons of flavor and connecting to the music


The class is divided to 2 sections.


Section 1
45 min - Shine Combo

  • Footwork sequence 

  • Body movement.


Section 2

45 min - Groove Jam Session 

  • Simple to advanced body movement

  • Traditional footwork covering the On2 NY Mambo syllabus.


6 Weeks Beginners Ladies Styling Course 

Saturday's 12pm (NY Time) Starting November  2021 


This 6 weeks course ( 9 hours course) is design to teach and develop each and any one of you to create your own style and explorer different types of body movements and shines.


it is aim specially for the beginners level dancers or for those who wants to strengthen their technique and fundaments.


  •  We will warm up working on stamina, technique fundamentals for strength and stretching, focus on weight transfers while dancing for maximum movement.

  • We will break down the correct way to step your basics, basic fundamentals for arms styling and core work, cooperating hips motions, shoulders movements, balance and posture.

  • We will work on spinning technique for all kind of turns that we are using while dancing alone and with a partner.

  • We will work on body movements, body isolation combining and fusing with different elements and styles combines with Afro Cuban movement while doing open shines combos.


Price: $200